Be Local Broome


Local Businesses Initiative:

  • Promoting the Greater Binghamton Area
  • Encouraging people to buy local
  • Building community wealth
  • Posting local businesses advertising and info for a very low membership rate

One of BRSC’s sustainability tenets is the importance it places on local business. For our community to become sustainable, we must have a thriving local business environment.

Small businesses account for 49.2 percent of private-sector employment (SBA, 2012). For every $100 spent at a locally owned business, $73 stays within the community compared to $43 if that same $100 is spent at a non-locally owned business. This is why BRSC works to support our locally owned businesses. The more money that stays within our local economy, the more it multiplies and builds community wealth.

We support our local farm community (see Many Hands Food Coop), but BRSC has also developed a web platform which allows local businesses to post advertising and information about their business.

Sometimes it’s hard for a customer to tell which business is actually locally owned. This website’s sole purpose is to help the consumer identify these locally owned businesses and encourages all people interested in a strong, sustainable community to support these merchants.




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